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The various cities, towns and villages of Rajasthan are well connected to each other by road and rail and the major cities by air as well.
Rajasthan is a big state with long distances. The major cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jaisalmer are all well connected by domestic airlines not only between each other but also to cities around India. If you have limited time it is a good option to travel by air.
The major cities are connected by excellent roads, but the traffic and the lack of rules that are followed by those using the roads makes it challenging if not dangerous to attempt to hire a car and drive it yourself.

A much better option is to hire a car with a driver the cost is about the same, and the experience less nerve-wracking. If you want to visit smaller cities and villages by road, the quality of the roads get from bad to worse, in some places the roads only have one lane, so when you meet someone driving in the opposite direction, one of the two cars would have to drive off the road to let the other car pass, something that often develops into a “chicken” game before at the last second on gives way.

One can also opt for luxurious, air-conditioned buses to travel from one city to another. Most of the time these buses will drive in the night and reach their destination in the morning. Smaller more conventional buses connect to almost all cities and villages of Rajasthan, these buses are not very comfortable but it can be quite an experience to use them, and they are very cheap.

The railway network in Rajasthan is well developed and all major cities and even smaller towns can be reached by trains. Travel by train can be fun, and in many cases the quickest, best and cheapest way to explore Rajasthan, furthermore the service on most trains is excellent.

A thrilling way to discover Rajasthan is to travel by the legendary Palace on Wheels. This special train is made up of 14 air-conditioned saloons, each having two twin-bedded and two double-bedded chambers, with attached toilets, hot & cold showers, channel music and specially designed furniture. The Palace on Wheels moves at night and stops through the day when you are taken around the cities, by air-conditioned luxury coach, seeing the sights and savoring the traditional Rajput hospitality. The Maharaja and Maharani restaurant cars serve Indian, Rajasthani and Continental cuisine. The added attractions are an excellent bar and a small, but well stocked library. It is only the gentle, rhythmic movement of the train and the vendors that come selling their attractive wares at the stations that give away that you are on a train and not in a palace.
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